Here's What You Need To Do When Shopping at Costco® to Get the Best Black Friday Deals and Discounts

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Here's What You Need To Do When Shopping at Costco® to Get the Best Black Friday Deals and Discounts

While Costco’s® Black Friday sale is not necessarily known to lead the pack when it comes to Black Friday deals, you could still squeeze some value out of the dollars you know you are gonna throw at Costco® this holiday season.

You possibly want to get your hands on as many of the Costco® holiday booklets as possible, since they are going to be full of deals. So, ensure you make your list and use these tips to save money!

THREE must-have savings books you will need for Black Friday at Costco®

There are three Costco® holiday savings books that you should be aware of:

Costco® Black Friday Ad (Holiday Savings Book)

Last year, this was released on October 30. This book has four sections. The dates of the sale last year were:

  • Green: Valid between November 7-21 (Pre-Black Friday)

  • Teal: Valid between November 22 - December 2 (Black Friday)

  • Red: Valid starting November 26 (Online-only deals)

  • Dark Red: Valid between November 29 - December 2 (Post-Black Friday + Costco® Cyber Monday)

The Costco® Coupon Book

Pay close attention to both November and December’s editions of Costco’s coupon book since it will likely include details about deals offered by the retailer, thus helping you plan your shopping in advance.

Costco® Holiday Handout Flyer

The flyer also contains details about deals offered by Costco®, so look out for this.

The best deals are the online-only, one-day Thanksgiving deals

Costco® warehouse stores are not open on Thanksgiving Day. But you should still plan to shop online at any point that day since Black Friday deals that are available in store will be available on on Thanksgiving Thursday! Such deals historically can be found near the back of the Costco® Holiday Savings Book with a very bright red stripe along the top indicating they will be available online on Thanksgiving Day.

Shop online even if you are not a Costco® member

It’s true! You do not have to be a member to shop at Costco® online, even on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Costco® Cyber Monday. You might have to pay a 5% surcharge on items as a non-member, but if you only shop at Costco® during the holidays, it still may be cheaper than paying the $60/year membership fee.

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