How to Start Extreme Couponing?

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Wondering if you should start extreme couponing? Done the right way, this method of couponing can help you save a lot of money! Still on the fence about extreme couponing? Read on!

During the recession when unemployment and gas prices were sky-high, extreme couponing came to the rescue of budget-shoppers. Even today, couponing can help you cut costs on a variety of drugstore and grocery purchases. If you’re willing to put that extra effort into deal hunting and gathering coupons, here are some tips and tactics to maximize your savings.

Use coupons wisely

Ensure you redeem coupons for the items you’re likely going to use. While getting a $5 item for $1 using a coupon seems like a great deal, it can be a waste if you don’t end up using that product. So, ensure you buy the product because you need it and not because you have a coupon.

Use technology to find deals

There are several sites and apps that help you to find deals online. Most sites also allow you to search by item or price.

Check the clearance aisles

The clearance aisles and marked-down carts are a gold mine for frugal shoppers. While shopping in stores, ensure you check these aisles. You could find items that you can club with your coupons and get them at the lowest price possible or even free!

Know the store's coupon policies before shopping

It’s important to do your research before you head to the store. Policies vary from store to store. What’s valid in Walgreens® might not be applicable in CVS. The stores generally post their coupon policies on their website. Ensure you check all the details.

Know the manufacturer's coupon policies

In addition to store policies, you should also be familiar with the manufacturer’s policies. Most manufacturer coupons have exclusions and limitations printed on them. This helps you to know how the coupon can be used.

Consider all of the ways to save

When it comes to extreme couponing, you should know how to use multiple coupons for one item. Extreme couponers tend to purchase an item only if they’re able to stack different coupons to bring the cost of the item down significantly. For extreme couponers, it’s all about stacking manufacturer coupons with store coupons, store sales, and store rewards programs. If you learn how to extreme coupon the right way, you can get great savings without wasting your time.

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