How To Be a Savvy Couponer

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Clipping coupons is a serious business; after all, there's strategy involved. If you want to be a savvy couponer, follow these helpful steps to use coupons like a pro and save more money!

Stick to Your Regular Shopping Habits

Make sure to check generic store brands and popular brands to see if they are still cheaper than the product you are buying with a coupon! Remember that coupons don’t save you money if you’re buying products you wouldn’t normally buy. Another thing to remember is that you don’t save money when you land up buying more than you will ever use before the items expire.

Shop at Stores That Double Coupons

You can save twice as much if you shop at a grocery store that doubles coupons. What this means is that the store offers you one dollar off for using a 50¢-off coupon. You can find a list of stores that double coupons online. If you find one near your area, you sure are lucky!

Print Double Coupons

If you always print out coupons from online sites, here’s a secret - you can print out internet coupons twice from one computer. To do this, click your internet browser’s “Back” button, and search for the coupon again. So, if you own more than one computer, you may be able to print additional coupons through your other computer(s) as well!

Sign Up for Email Alerts

If you clip coupons but don’t have the time to go through inserts, sign up to receive email alerts. When branded coupons of your choice are released, you will get an alert.

Wait For the Good Stuff

Cut out coupons from your local Sunday paper and let them sit for four weeks. Most food and cosmetic companies plan their promotions so that their customers can buy their products right when the coupons are released. If you wait, sometimes you might find that the store has these items on sale. By waiting to use your coupons, you’ll notice that they often sync up with in-store promotions. You’ll save twice as much with this strategy.

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