Money-Saving Secrets Target® Doesn’t Want You To Know

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If you shop at Target® regularly, you already know that you will save money on anything from bed linen to soft drinks. The retail giant has established its reputation as a low-cost haven. However, as simple as it is to save money at Target®, those with insider information can save even more.

Pick your day.

Most Target® stores mark down specific departments on particular days for clearance. Knowing the schedule will help you choose the right Target® offers.

Monday: Electronics, kids’ clothing, books, baby, stationery, accessories Tuesday: Domestic goods, pets, market (food items), women’s clothing Wednesday: Men’s clothing, lawn & garden, furniture, health & beauty, diapers Thursday: Houseware, decor & luggage, toys, sporting goods, shoes, lingerie Friday: Auto, hardware, cosmetics, jewelry

Know the clearance codes.

Target®'s clearance section has some of the best prices. Clearance items usually have red or yellow labels on them. The current price and markdown percentage will be at the top right-hand corner, without a percent symbol. Look for a number on the price tag's upper-right corner. If it says '70,' that means the price has been reduced by 70%. When a price ends in $0.04, it is usually the lowest markdown.

Shop online instead of in-store

Sometimes online prices are cheaper than in-store. Order the goods online and then choose the "pick up in-store" option to get the online price in-store and save time. If you're already in a Target® store and want the online price, look up the item online first and then request the cashier to price match it.

Go green and save!

Bring your own reusable bags to Target®, and each one will get you a 5-cent discount at the register. It might not seem like much, but it adds up over time, especially on big shopping days.

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