Top Secret Ways To Save at Publix® Super Markets

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Get ready as we reveal some Publix savings secrets that may surprise even their loyalist shoppers.

Shop Wednesday nights or Thursday mornings.

At Publix, sale cycles end every Wednesday making way for new sales starting every Thursday morning. So, the best way you can grab some extra savings is by visiting the store late Wednesday evenings or early Thursday mornings. Make the most of last-minute sales and brand-new markdowns.

Get the mystery “penny item” every Thursday.

Publix offers a “Mystery Coupon” every Thursday to its customers. You can find the coupon in the new sales flyer. To redeem the coupon, all you have to do is buy at least $10 worth of groceries.

If the scanned price is higher, you can get the item for FREE!

During checkout, if any item is scanned higher than the price mentioned, you not only get a lower price on the item but also get to take one home for free. So, be sure to examine your receipt for any discrepancies before you leave the store.

Make the most of the return policy.

Publix allows you to return any unopened grocery item with no questions asked. So, if you no longer need the product, you can return it back to the store at any time.

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