How to Get Freebies at Starbucks

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Yes, it is possible to get free stuff at Starbucks®! All you need is to sign up for Starbucks Rewards. Download the Starbucks® Rewards app and accumulate points that earn you free drinks & food. Read on to learn how to snag some freebies:

1. Celebrate Your Birthday With Starbucks®

If it’s your birthday, let them know! All Starbucks Rewards Program members get a free Starbucks® drink for their birthday.

2. Request For Refills

If you are a member of the Starbucks® Rewards program, you can refill your coffee and tea for free. So, don’t shy away from requesting a free refill.

3. Take Advantage of Double Star Days

Once a month, Starbucks® offers its Gold members a surprise double star day. This means you get four stars per dollar spent.

4. Participate in App Challenges

The Starbucks® Rewards App Challenges incentivize you to do regular activities. E.g. Visit Starbucks® three times after 3 P.M. within a week to redeem an extra 50 points. These challenges are based on your order history and are easily achievable.

5. Save Points for a Rainy Day

Wondering how to redeem your reward points? For every 150 points you earn, you can get free food or drink at select stores. Avoid spending your reward points every time you collect 150 points. Instead, accumulate points and use it on costly items to get more value for money.

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