How to Score the Best Airfare Deals

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Flight tickets aren’t always cheap. And while you can use miles, it is difficult to do so when you take last-minute trips. But a simple web search can help you find not only cheap flights but also the best-scheduled flights, fare buckets, routes, and planes flying those routes.

You can also view how different dates, times, and airlines match up against each other. After you check out these stats, you can visit the selected airline’s website directly to purchase your tickets. Flight prices often fluctuate even between similar dates as airlines have dynamic pricing. So, if a direct way home is too expensive you can come up with some creative stops. A great strategy is to look up flights from one leisure destination to another if you have a few extra days at hand. In addition, here are 4 tips you can follow.

Flexible dates

For the best deals, it is important to be flexible with your dates. Use the calendar feature so you can compare the cost of available flights. For example, a flight that costs $350 on a Thursday can be cheaper on a Friday.

Purchasing two one-way tickets

Round trips may not always be the cheapest option. Sometimes, purchasing two one-way tickets may be cheaper. Sure, it may be time-consuming but it’s worth checking if there’s a significant difference.

Pay one way with miles

If you do not have enough miles to cover an entire trip, find two one-way routings to and from your destination. Then, pay for the more expensive one with miles and the cheaper one with cash.

Don’t travel on holidays

You can find more affordable flights if you skip holiday dates. Even if you book it in advance, holiday travel is expensive. It is best to take advantage of dates that others may not find appealing. If you do have to travel around the holidays, then you can choose a destination that isn’t as popular for cheaper fares.

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