Must-Know Tips to Get Free Beauty Products

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Rather than investing in full-size skincare and cosmetic products, free samples are the perfect way to test out items you’re interested in for absolutely nothing. But how can you get testers of high-end products without breaking the bank? To bag the best freebies, here's what you need to know.

Make an inquiry at beauty counters

Beauty counters in department stores or a large high street chemist may possibly stock a surplus of freebies. Usually, skincare companies provide a ton of samples to entice customers to purchase more products. For example, some beauty brands may offer foundation samples so you can find the right shade for your skin. Hence, don't forget to ask someone at the beauty counter if there are any freebies on offer.

Beauty product testing panels

Brands use beauty product testing panels so that they can spread awareness about their new products and receive constructive feedback from customers. Other than receiving freebies in the form of samples, you may also be given full-sized products, which you don't have to return after you try! All you have to do post the sign-up process is agree to give the company feedback.

Freebie before checkout

After you make a purchase with a beauty brand or at a retailer, you could be offered free samples as a thank you gift by the brand or store. A pro tip is to make a bulk purchase because that way, you can pick up loads of freebies.

Reach out to the beauty brands

Your favorite brand likely has a business profile on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. So, it’s a good idea to reach out to them and let them know that you love their products. Follow this conversation with an inquiry about how you can get freebies or samples. Also, letting them know that you will post about their product if you do receive a sample may help you get the freebie as companies love promotion.

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