Amazing Ways to Cut Costs on Halloween Costumes

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Amazing Ways to Cut Costs on Halloween Costumes

Want to put together a killer costume for Halloween without hurting your budget too much? You’re on the right page! We may think December is the most expensive holiday month, but Halloween can be just as bad, if not worse! That’s why we’ve listed some tips here to help you reduce your expenses on Halloween costumes.

1. Visit the thrift store: The best way to save money on Halloween costumes is by doing your shopping at the thrift store. Whether you need a cape to dress up as a vampire or a vintage wedding dress for a bride of Frankenstein outfit, you can find some amazing pieces at the thrift store! The best part is that these costumes are super cheap.

2. Shop on Amazon: If you want to shop online, make sure to check your options on Amazon! It’s especially great for affordable accessories -- you can find masks, wigs, hats, and more, for extremely low prices. What’s more, if you’re a Prime member, you can get everything shipped to you without paying any additional shipping fee. Make sure to also check the “Coupons” and “Deals” pages to snag good bargains.

3. Use makeup instead of buying a mask: Masks can be pretty inexpensive if you shop at a discount store or on platforms like Amazon. However, if you really want to cut down on costs and you have a few makeup products on hand, you can use them to create a suitable look. There are a number of great makeup tutorials available online, so with a little practice, you can create a spooky Halloween look without shelling out any money!

4. Do a costume swap: If you have a few old Halloween costumes in your wardrobe, check if your neighbors want to participate in a costume swap. Chances are that they will also have a few costumes that they’ve only worn once or twice, which they won’t mind swapping for another almost-new costume.

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