How to Complete Mail-in Rebates to Save Money

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Unlike using coupons, mail-in rebates require a little more effort before you can claim your savings. If you’re new to rebates this is how it works - manufacturers encourage customers to buy more products or services and, in return, give them complete or partial reimbursement for their purchase. To claim the reimbursement, a customer will likely have to purchase the commodity at full price and then submit documents along with proof of purchase to the seller, ideally within 30 days of the initial order.

You can get rebates for many products, such as pet food, cosmetics, hotel stays, and appliances. Manufacturers and companies may give you cashback in the form of a direct deposit, check, voucher, or a gift card.

If you have a rebate offer on a product you’ve purchased, it is important to follow each step of the process properly. This is because there are chances of your request getting rejected by the manufacturer for even small errors. Here are some of the general steps you can follow to collect your cash rebate:

Check for rebate offers

Keep your eyes peeled for rebate offers when you purchase a product. You may find these offers on the product package, on store signage, alongside sales or deals, or in-store circulars. Websites may provide rebate lists, but if you have a specific brand in mind that you are looking to purchase, visit the website of that retailer to check for rebates.

Combine offers to save more

For instance, you could use the manufacturer’s coupons, the store coupons, and add the rebate to save more money. Carefully check the rebate documentation to figure out how you'll get the reimbursement and if there are any charges included.

Purchase the product

When buying the product, ensure that it matches the product specifications (such as size, weight, model number, etc.) listed in the rebate offer. If not, your rebate offer may be invalid. After the purchase, save all the documents that come along with the product. This includes the receipt, product packaging, warranty, and other documentation in the product. Save these documents until you receive your rebate, as the manufacturer may request additional information or proof of purchase, after obtaining your rebate form.

Complete the rebate documents

It is important to fill out the documentation exactly as the company requests. Commonly requested items include your name, address, phone number, original receipt, rebate slip, and UPC code. You may also be asked to submit the model number, if applicable.

Some manufacturers may have unique requirements, such as requiring you to send the entire side of the box the product came in or stapling the rebate to the application or any other piece of product information.

To maintain a record, scan or photocopy all the papers you submit to the company. Also, note down the address to which you submit the application for the rebate.

Submit the rebate documents

Mail-in your rebate documentation well in advance to ensure it reaches the rebate company before the deadline. There are chances of your rebate application getting rejected if you miss the deadline by even a day. Generally, your rebate paperwork is due within 30 days of making the purchase. In case you have multiple rebates, find out if you can send them all at once or if it must be sent individually.

Some retailers and manufacturers also process mail-in rebates online. For that, you need to upload a photo or a PDF of your sales receipt.

Disclaimer: Please note that the option to stack or club coupons may not be provided by all stores.