Four Secret Ways to Save at Hobby Lobby®

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It’s always fun to wander around Hobby Lobby’s® aisles and think of new ways to spruce up your home. But you certainly need to keep an eye on how much you’re spending there. So, if you’re big on uber-cute craftiness and adorable home decor, you probably want to know every trick there is to save money at the store. Fortunately, we have four up our sleeve. Here’s what you can do to save at Hobby Lobby®.

Don’t pay the full price at Hobby Lobby®

The best way to score big savings at Hobby Lobby® is by asking a store executive if you can combine a coupon with a store sale. That way, you are able to arrive at a rock bottom price. You may be able to find items that are regularly discounted on a weekly basis and even on special occasions like Easter, Summer, and Spring, in Hobby Lobby’s® weekly ads.

Be aware of their sale schedule

One of the most helpful insider tips for saving more at Hobby Lobby® is getting to know the store’s sales schedule. While some items may go on sale once every four weeks, others might go on sale every three weeks. It’s likely that you will find things like furniture pieces, trees & plants, and fabric on sale regularly, while other items such as yarn, baskets, and boxes may go on sale less frequently.

Clearance after any holiday

If you are patient, you can find loads of clearance products at Hobby Lobby® after a holiday. You can use this opportunity to stock up on holiday supplies for the next year. The clearance sales are often held after Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.

Clearance deals online

If the clearance department of the Hobby Lobby® store doesn't have what you require, check out their online clearance section. This section has a range of items even after the seasonal inventory has been cleared out of the stores. A pro tip: Sign up for emails from Hobby Lobby® to stay updated about Free Shipping events.

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