Drive through saving hacks

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Love drive-throughs? You’ll be happy to know that we’ve unlocked some super awesome hacks for your late-night food craving runs. Let’s a look at some of these tips.

Get Two Yummy Drinks for the Price of One

Pick a large hot chocolate or hot mocha in the morning to wake yourself up. If you don’t land up drinking it before it gets cold, it’ll just taste like chocolate milk and you would’ve snagged two drinks at once.

Cold Remedy

For days when you feel drained, and need to drag yourself out of bed, stop off anywhere that has hot water and honey. Not only is this drink a natural immune-booster, but it’s often offered free of charge.

Bigger Burritos for Your Buck

This hack is true for Chipotle, but may also work at other Chipotle-style restaurants. Instead of ordering a burrito, you should order a bowl. Since this yields a lot more food and then asks for a free tortilla. This bowl is also perfect for messy people to eat over as a spill-zone.

Free Guac

If you do not mind skipping out on meat, Chipotle may give you free guac with a veggie burrito bowl. As an additional bonus, you’ll get extra fajita veggies for free.


If you’re an adventurous eater, order a Big Mac®, McChicken®, and Filet-O-Fish®. Then, you need to stack them into one sandwich. This burger will be a classic surf-n-turf item on McDonald’s secret menu.

Free Ice Cream at Chick-fil-A®

There is a slight catch with this one because you’ll need to actually sit inside the restaurant to eat. However, it’s okay to take breaks from drive-throughs for free ice cream right? With Chick-fil-A’s® “Family Challenge” you must put cell phones in a “coop” on the table while you eat, once you finish your meal, you get a free cone. This awesome initiative by Chick-fil-A® encourages actual, face-to-face interaction.

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