Your Guide to Safeway and Albertsons Grocery Pickup

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Don’t want to visit the grocery store? Thanks to Safeway and Albertsons’ free grocery pickup, you don’t have to. Placing an order for grocery pickup is super simple through the Safeway and Albertsons Delivery & Pickup apps. Here’s everything you need to know.

Sign up for the just for U® program

You can enjoy great savings by subscribing to Safeway and Albertsons’ just for U® program. Based on your purchase history, you’ll receive personalized deals and coupons. just for U® deals have a red and yellow “U” logo in the upper left-hand corner. To use digital coupons, just click the horizontal “Clip Coupon” button below the item.

Check out the app’s deals page

Follow these simple steps to check out the latest offers on the app:

Step 1: Download the Safeway and the Albertson’s app.

Step 2: On the menu bar, tap on the “just for U®” icon to view general store sales and coupons.

Step 3: Then on the menu bar, tap the “New Deals” page to find promo codes, special club card pricing, and BOGO offers.

How to order grocery pickup via the Albertsons and Safeway apps

If you’re shopping along with your kids at Whole Foods, stop by customer service and ask for a Kid's Club coupon. You can use the coupon to get a complimentary organic apple, natural animal crackers, or organic fruit leather.

Ask for a sample

Step 1: Download the Delivery & Pickup app for the store you want. (Safeway’s app or Albertsons’ app).

Step 2: Create your just for U® account.

Step 3: Once you’re logged in, search for the store closest to you.

Step 4: Choose your Safeway or Albertsons grocery pickup hour.

Step 5: Before you pay, double-check your grocery cart.

Step 6: Place your order and follow up with text updates.

Step 7: Find the designated pickup parking spots and call the number on the sign.

Step 8: Collect your order from the store associate.

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