How to Score the Top Deals on Black Friday

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Black Friday is one of the most competitive sales days and also one of the busiest shopping days. There are so many offers, exclusive sales hours, and doorbusters offered on Black Friday that, leaving even the most experienced shoppers baffled about how to shop efficiently on this day. Here are some insider tips on how to score the best Black Friday deals.

Do your research in advance

If you're looking to snag a discount on an expensive item during the Black Friday sale, get your research out of the way as soon as possible. No matter how cheap it is, a bad product is a bad buy. Knowing the products you want to purchase will help you avoid distractions.

Check out various ads and apps

On days leading to Black Friday, your local newspaper will be full of advertisements, coupons, and circulars about deals, so don't throw them away. As several shops offer exclusive offers that are time-specific, such as early bird deals and doorbusters, going through the ads can help you plan your shopping trip to maximize savings.

There are many apps available for both Android™ and iOS that are designed to make it much simpler to shop for the best sales on Black Friday. These apps may recommend the best place to park in the mall or even the best route to stores. When the stores you want to visit have coupons and exclusive offers available, these apps could notify you and help you compare prices while you shop.

Hunt for early-bird discounts

There are many stores that offer doorbuster prices, midnight-madness sales, and even early-bird specials. Make sure you check out the list of stores for holiday hours so you don’t miss out on a good deal. Also, check out if malls that are close to you give out gift cards based on how often you shop there. When you do a lot of your shopping at the same store, these gifts can add up to massive savings.

Look for night owl discounts on Thanksgiving

Internet shoppers can beat the crowds and shop online for Black Friday specials that are offered by local stores. From as early as Thanksgiving day, exclusive "internet only" offers will also be available.

Request for gift receipts

In general, gift receipts come with a description of the purchased item but not what you paid for it. Adding these receipts inside gift boxes makes it easy for the gift recipient to return or exchange the item. Without proof of purchase, the recipient might not be allowed to return or exchange the item.

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