Your Guide To Free Magazine Subscriptions

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Your Guide To Free Magazine Subscriptions

Receiving magazines and magazine subscriptions for free is exciting because it feels like you are receiving a small gift in the mail every month. However, there are few things you need to keep in mind while signing up for free magazines

What to sign up for

When requesting free magazines, you need to ensure that the subscription comes with no strings attached i.e. no bill is generated and the subscription is not renewed automatically. The sign-up process, in this case, will entail bypassing some barriers. Keep in mind that companies that issue these magazines make money from getting more people to sign up for the additional offers that are displayed during the sign-up process. But these offers are optional — you need not sign up for them in order to get free magazines.

When you reach a point in the sign-up process where you are requested to select special offers or choose additional publications, simply skim through the page to find options such as “Skip,” “No”, or “No Thanks.” You need to click on one of these options. Remember that these options will always be present, it may just take some time for you to find them; they could appear at the very bottom of the page or could be small in size.

Rejecting all these added offers may take you some time but keep going through the pages until you receive a confirmation of your free magazine subscription. Refrain from giving your credit card number or other information when filling out the sign-up form. If you do, there’s a high possibility that you may be charged for your subscription.

Where to look for free magazines

The avenues are aplenty when it comes to searching for free magazines. You can browse for samples online as they become available or even directly reach out to companies that hand out free magazines. If you approach the companies, you can even find out titles that cater to your tastes. If you only want to read the magazines and not keep them, look out for them in the library, ask a friend if they can lend it to you, or check the magazine’s website for a digital version.