Tips to Get Discounts on Apple Products

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It is a common fact that Apple charges a premium for almost everything. So if you are looking to save on Apple products, here are some shopping tips most people don’t know about.

Check MacRumors Buyer’s Guides to save on Apple products

Most times, Apple follows a product release schedule. This directly influences the prices of current and old generation Apple products. If you are not keeping tabs on Apple’s product calendar, you should check out MacRumors Buyer’s Guides.A red or yellow light over an Apple product means the product is due for an update, so you should wait to buy it. If you do wait, you will see price drops on older versions.

Buy previous generation Apple products during Black Friday

Some of the best deals can be found when you buy older products right after the new generations are released. Make sure you check out the best deals in November, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Use your Target RedCard and save 5%

You can create your own discount anytime by using your Target RedCard to buy Apple products in Target like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Trade your old device for credit towards a new one

With Apple’s trade-in program, you can get credit towards a new Apple product purchase when you trade in your old device.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to get when you trade in your old iPhone:
iPhone XS: up to $370
iPhone XR: up to $270
iPhone X: up to $280
iPhone 8 Plus: up to $220
iPhone 8: up to $170
iPhone 7 Plus: up to $130
iPhone 7: up to $110
iPhone 6s Plus: up to $70
iPhone 6s: up to $70

Save on Apple with your student or teacher discount

College students and their parents, school staff, educators, and faculty can get up to 9% savings on a MacBook Air and up to 7% savings on a MacBook Pro. To get this student discount, ensure you shop at the Apple Education Store. If you choose to shop online, you might not have to provide proof that you are in college, but in the Apple store, you will need to.

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