How To Get Free Samples The Easy Way

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New to the freebie life?

It’s tempting to sign up for freebies and disappointing when you can’t get any. There are a couple of fool-proof ways you can approach signing up for freebies that will ensure you get what you want:

1. Create multiple email addresses

Use these mailboxes, when you sign up for a freebie. Don’t use your regular email address in case of any phishing attempts or hackers. You’ll also be able to keep your entries to freebies and sweepstakes organized in one place. You can easily sign up for a new email address with email providers or

2. You should sign up for freebies

Free samples and other perks using different mailboxes. Using separate mailboxes every time you enter will give you a chance to receive a few freebies every time you sign up.

3. Sign up for newsletters

That will keep updating you about the newest freebie offers, samples and sweepstakes to be delivered straight to your inbox.

4. Visit websites

That are updated regularly with the most interesting and original samples. Checking these websites will ensure you are among the first to find the best deals, freebie offers, samples and more.

5. Make sure you apply for freebies as fast as possible

The quicker you are at applying, the better your chances are at getting the best offers and the most interesting freebies.

6. Fill in all the details in the order form

Make sure you add in all the correct details, like the address, telephone number, email address and more. Double-check before you hit the send button on the form. That way you’ll be easy to contact and none of the updates will be sent to the wrong address or get delivered to spam. Just to be sure though, you should keep checking your spam for any missed emails.

7. Follow up

It doesn’t make sense to order everything you can find and then have no use for anything. That would only mean throwing unwanted things away. Remember that there are people who really need samples of the products they’re ordering because they can’t afford them.

8. Order only the things you need

If you’re going to be away from home, keep your post office updated or your mailbox could overflow quickly and your samples might be returned.

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