7 Things Your Hotel Will Likely Give You for Free

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads 7 Things Your Hotel Will Likely Give You for Free

It helps to know what freebies you can expect during your hotel stay, so you can pack light and enjoy the free goodies during your travels! Here’s a list of 7 freebies that almost all hotels, including the budget-friendly ones, provide for free to travelers to encourage a return trip.

1. Netflix access: If you’ve planned a day full of activities and errands, you’ll be happy to know that you can get back to your hotel room and cozy up on a comfortable, plush bed with free Netflix access.

2. Fresh chocolate chip cookies: A number of hotels offer people treats like free chocolate chip cookies when they check-in. If you enjoy these delicacies, you can request the hotel to send a few extra to your room.

3. Designer shampoos, soaps, and lotions: Make sure to only pack the basics in your toiletry kit because hotels often like to spoil their guests with luxurious soaps, shampoos, and lotions. If you love the bath and skincare products in your room, it’s completely acceptable to ask the front desk for a few more.

4. Notepads and pens: If you like stationery, don’t forget to make use of the hotel’s pens and notepads. Most hotels typically leave at least one of each for their guests’ use, but you can ask for more.

5. Herbal tea and coffee: Many hotels offer complimentary tea and coffee service in the room, so you can make your favorite caffeinated beverage with ease. Any tea bags or coffee sachets that you don’t use are yours for the taking.

6. Slippers: Comfortable, cushy slippers that are emblazoned with the hotel’s logo are unlikely to be reused because they are hard to wash and maintain. So, if you like the slippers in your room, ask the front desk if you can take them.

7. Goodies for kids: If you’re traveling with children, many hotels will offer free goodie bags filled with cookies, candy, and some type of drink to the kids.

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