Your Guide to Stockpiling Coupons in 2021

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Your Guide to Stockpiling Coupons in 2021

Although couponing has changed in the last few years, it is possible, even today, to build a couponing stockpile. We’ll take you through the process. Read on.

1. Stock up on household items since they don’t expire: The trouble with stockpiling items is that some of the things you purchase, especially food items, may expire before you build a large enough stockpile. However, you won’t have this issue with items like toilet paper, laundry detergent, and personal care products. And, these are usually the most expensive items on a grocery list, so it makes sense to tackle them first.

2. Combine manufacturer coupons with Target® mobile coupons: If you like shopping at Target®, one of the quickest ways you can build a stockpile without spending a whole lot of money is by combining manufacturer coupons with Target’s® mobile coupons.

3. Don’t buy identical items in one transaction if the coupon has usage limits: We know this isn’t the most convenient way to shop, but it makes shopping more affordable. Coupon print limits have changed over the years, and stores, today, impose limits on how many “like” coupons a shopper can use per transaction. So, work around this by buying just one of each item.

4. Sign up your partner or friends on all couponing apps: If you live with someone or have a friendly neighbor, ask them to sign up on couponing apps and share the coupon with you - this will give you access to twice as many coupons.

5. Stockpile freebie deals: Whenever you see a freebie deal on an item you frequently use, make sure to snag it immediately. Drug stores are usually the best places to find such deals.

Since grocery stores don’t double coupons too often anymore, building a couponing stockpile may take you some time. However, the above-mentioned strategies will certainly help you build an enviable stockpile of items.

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