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Walmart® is famous for offering top quality at low prices. There are also plenty of effective Walmart® saving hacks that smart shoppers can use to fill their pockets with more dollars.

Although the site offers decent deals on a wide range of products, there are plenty of ways you can save even more cash at Amazon. Here are the best little-known tricks to save big at your favorite online store.

Use Walmart®’s Pickup Discount Feature

A great way to get online-only deals is to shop online at Walmart®. And when you ship them to a Walmart® store for delivery, Walmart® provides discounts on qualifying online-only products.

To get a Walmart® pickup discount, find an item that has a "pickup discount eligible" tag, then click 'Ship to the nearest store' before checkout.

This feature won't save you a fortune. However, if you're planning a trip to Walmart®, you can set up a pickup purchase for the day to save some money and time.

Price Match (In-Store & Online)

Walmart® claims that for in-store sales, they'll match the base price of Walmart®.com and for similar products bought in a Walmart® store.

Customers need to let Walmart® employees know they want to match the offer. In comparison, on Walmart®.com, the item must still be in stock and be similar to the in-store purchase.

There is a different price-match policy on online purchases. According to Walmart®'s policy, they will match the price if you find a cheaper price from an online retailer on an identical, in-stock product.

However, be sure to check Walmart’s in-store and online price match policies for other conditions, before making a claim.

Buy Refurbished Electronics

If you don't mind buying refurbished items, another efficient way to save money on a range of mobile products is Walmart®'s refurbished electronics program. Refurbished devices are those that customers return to suppliers, and they have to undergo restoration before resale.

The company inspects, cleans, and repairs the devices in order to make them function like new. Dents, screen scratches or cracks, and serious structural imperfections are also repaired. Smartphones, desktop computers, notebooks and tablets, portable technology, and headphones are the types of electronics you can find in Walmart®'s refurbished electronics program.

Don’t Forget Couponing

Considering the variety of apps and services that now appeal to thrifty shoppers, it is possible to forget tried-and-true saving strategies. If you're shopping in-store, using coupons will always help you save money at Walmart®. Walmart® accepts by-one-get-one-free (BOGO) coupons and dollars and cents-off coupons. Valid online and printed coupons from manufacturers are eligible too.

Keep in mind that you cannot double or merge BOGO coupons with the dollar- or percent-off coupons. Your coupons have to be scannable, too. Walmart® has the right to deny coupons that face errors when scanning or if the staff suspect alteration in coupons.

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