You Can Get This Stuff for FREE at IKEA®!

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IKEA® should be a go-to for anyone who wants to get their hands on contemporary and modern furnishings at affordable prices. While the store offers some great deals, you can also get a lot of stuff for free at IKEA®. Read on to know more.

1. Free child care:

Shopping with a kid (or two) in tow is no easy feat. And, IKEA® gets this. That’s why they offer free child care. Just drop off your children at Småland, which is a supervised children’s area in-store. Your children can play for free for up to 60 minutes while you shop.

2. Family freebies:

IKEA® Family is a free-to-join loyalty club through which you can get some pretty awesome perks and freebies. Some of these perks include free hot tea or coffee at the restaurant, product discounts, sneak peeks, an additional 30 minutes of Småland time for your children, 90-day purchase protection, and newsletters. You should also know that each time you use your membership card at the store, you will automatically be registered for a chance to win an IKEA® gift card worth $100.

3. Free tools:

Most IKEA® stores will have a stack of pencils, tape measures, and notepads located right at the entrance. All customers are free to use these items and tools while they shop.

4. Free catalogs:

Whether you intend to make a purchase at IKEA® or not, it’s a good idea to sign up to receive the store’s catalog (which will be mailed to you). This is a great way to know what products are stocked, so you can make a list before you plan a trip to IKEA®. Even if you don’t intend to buy anything from the store, the catalog can give you plenty of decoration ideas and inspiration.

In addition, IKEA® also hosts a number of promotional events during the year to encourage people to walk into the store. Many of these events in the past have included things like free shopping bags, free food, free crafts for children, and free light bulbs, among other things, so make sure to visit IKEA® when they host an event in-store.

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