How to Save MORE at Kohl's®

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Kohl’s® is a land of neverending sales for shoppers hunting for low prices on everything from apparel and home goods to electronics and toys. Even though you can save a lot at Kohl’s®, to help you stretch your dollar further, we’ve rounded up a list of tips to save more at Kohl’s®.

Shop during Kohl’s Cash® promotions

Kohl’s® runs Kohl’s Cash® promotions throughout the year. During these promotions, you could earn store credit on or using the Kohl’s® app or on qualifying purchases made at Kohl’s® stores.

Spend only $48, get $10 worth of Kohl’s Cash®

Here’s a cool Kohl’s Cash® hack. If you earn within $2 of the Kohl’s Cash® spending criteria, Kohl’s® will round up the amount. For instance, if you spent $48, Kohl’s® will still give you $10 in Kohl’s Cash®, as they would’ve if you spent $50.

Join Kohl’s Rewards®

All the members of the Kohl’s Rewards® program can earn 5% of Kohl’s Rewards® on every dollar spent in-store or online at Kohl’s®. By spending $100, you’ll get a $5 Kohl’s Cash® coupon on the first day of the following month. Kohl’s Rewards® members may get access to personalized perks and deals. Members also get a special reward on their birthday.

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