Secrets To Get Free Stuff On Amazon Without Prime!

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Secrets To Get Free Stuff On Amazon Without Prime!

Yes, it’s possible for you to get free stuff on Amazon, even without an Amazon Prime membership! Amazon is a treasure trove of freebies if you know where to look. From free samples, audiobooks, cloud storage, and more, here are some free things you can get from Amazon.

Browse hundreds of free Kindle ebooks from Amazon

If you have a Kindle, you’re in luck! Why? Because you can download free Kindle ebooks from a wide selection of genres including romance, up-and-coming authors, suspense, horror, cookbooks, and classic tales, all for free! In fact, Amazon’s Kindle even has a huge selection of free e-books for kids!

Download free songs and albums from Amazon Music

Hate paying for music? Use Amazon Music to download hundreds of free MP3 singles and albums from Amazon Music instead. On Amazon Music, you could even sort by genre, artist, or new release. No Prime membership is needed for this!

Get free audiobooks when you sign up for a free 30-day Audible trial

On signing up for a free 30-day Audible trial, you’ll automatically get two free audiobooks. But do make sure to cancel your membership after 30 days or you may be charged $14.95/month. But don’t worry, because you’ll still get to keep your two free audiobooks!

Get free money when you exchange old electronics with Amazon Trade-In

If you have working devices or other stuff you no longer want to keep, you can send them to Amazon Trade-In for consideration. Whether it's video games, books, electronics, or something else, you could trade them in easily, with this program. Doing this is a good way to make some cash on something you’d otherwise be dropping off at a donation center.

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