How to Save Money on Baby Formula

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Baby formula can be really expensive. Depending on just how much your baby eats, you can spend over $30 per week (and a lot more as your baby grows). That can amount to more than $1,500 in the first year alone. Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips to help you save money on baby formula. New and expectant parents, read on.

1. Sign up for Enfamil’s® Subscribe to Save program to save 10% on your order: Enfamil’s® Subscribe to Save program will help you save 10% on each order of your favorite toddler drink or baby formula. You can also make changes to match your schedule, switch products, and lock in the discounted price for as long as you are subscribed.

2. Call formula companies to inquire about coupons: If you’ve run out of coupons or can’t find any new coupons to use on your baby formula purchases, we recommend directly calling the company and asking if they can share a few coupons with you, so you are able to continue buying from them. Most brands will oblige to such requests.

3. Get formula discounts and freebies when you sign up for baby registries: There are a number of retailers, like Walmart®, Amazon, and Target®, that offer freebies or discounts once you create a baby registry with them. The actual discounts and freebies change from time to time, but there are usually at least some high-value coupons and a free bottle that you can use.

4. Use Amazon Subscribe & Save to save up to 15%: You can save up to 15% on formula using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature. Make sure to also check for coupons before your next shipment.

5. Purchase powdered formula instead of pre-mixed liquid: Powders formula is about half the price of ready-to-serve liquid formula. It’s also travel-friendly.

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