Coupon Fairies: Are They Legit?

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Have you ever been to a store looking for a specific product and found a coupon for the very same item just beside it? If this has happened to you, you’ve come across a coupon fairy. Wondering who a coupon fairy is and if it is okay for you to pick up these loose coupons that coupon fairies leave behind? Read on to know.

Who is a coupon fairy?

A coupon fairy is someone who leaves extra coupons they have in hand near the product for other shoppers to find. Customers who are in need of the same item can benefit from this gesture since they don’t have to invest time to find the coupon.

In theory, this seems like a wonderful thing to do. However, there may be a few problems associated with this. Here are the pros and cons.

Pros of coupon fairies

1. Makes it easy for others to save money: Not all shoppers have the skill and time to find the right coupons. Others are expert couponers but may not have the coupon they require. Regardless of what the shopper’s situation is, finding a coupon for the product they want to buy will help them save money, and what’s not to love about this.

2. Keeps good coupons from going to waste: If you find a really good coupon that you have no use for, it can sting a bit to see it go to waste. But, this is a situation that many couponers find themselves in from time to time. Coupon fairies keep good coupons from going to waste by sharing it with other shoppers.

3. Teaches non-couponers how to coupon: Some people never really coupon, assuming it takes too much effort and time. But, when they find a coupon that’s there for them to use, they realize how easy couponing actually is and piques their interest in couponing.

Cons of coupon fairies

1. Legality issues: A number of coupons include fine print that states they cannot be transferred. Violating these terms makes the coupon void. It’s unlikely that you will get into trouble if you use a coupon that was left behind by a coupon fairy, but it’s not risk-free.

2. Problems for the store: Loose coupons can cause a lot of problems for stores. Since the coupon may very well fall down or get pushed back, it could become litter. Secondly, these coupons may have already expired, and when a shopper tries to use an expired coupon, it creates trouble for the shopper and the cashier. The worst-possible consequence of leaving loose coupons around is that they could get stuck in the cooling unit and damage the equipment.

Should you be a coupon fairy?

Rather than leave loose coupons behind for people to find, consider letting your friends and family members know you have a good coupon with you. This avoids a few of the above-mentioned issues, and you can still help those who could benefit from these coupons.