How to Snag Freebies for Your Home

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It can be expensive to maintain a house. Costs can increase between furnishing the interiors, keeping up with routine repairs, and improving curb appeal. But for a picture-perfect house, there is no need to burn a hole in your pocket. Homeowners can score these following items for free with some diligence and a little preparation.


When renovating a kitchen, most people want to get rid of a few old appliances. While you may think it is easy to resell second-hand products, on the contrary, it is a hassle to find someone who wants an appliance with the exact features, finishes, and specifications, and moreover, has the capacity to haul those bulky goods. This is where websites like Freecycle can help you find things that local residents want to get rid of. The best part about these sites is that the goods are sold for free.


Need a hammer or a screwdriver? Find out if you could borrow it before spending crazy money on a tool. You could request your neighbor or even check out public libraries, as some do lend such resources, or you could reach out to a local tool bank online.


Want to spruce up your home interiors? Before splurging on new paint, grout, or surface sealant, check your nearest Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facility. For safe disposal, these facilities collect hazardous compounds, but they also donate unopened and discarded goods free of charge to others. Enquire with the nearest waste collection company to locate an HHW facility near you.

Cleaning products

Most people swear by certain brand cleaning products. If you are one of them, then how about turning your brand loyalty into savings. You can do so by signing up for the brand’s newsletters to receive free samples and coupons. These newsletters are also helpful in discovering products and services newly introduced by the brand.

Home supplies

There are tons of websites online that provide free samples of new products. All you need to do is sign up, test the items that get sent to you, and provide your feedback to the manufacturer. It’s that simple! If you’re lucky, you can get free stuff monthly and these include everything from grocery items to office supplies.

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