How to Stack Coupons Online

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When you first start couponing, it can seem like an achievement of sorts to use the right coupon on the right product. While that is a good start, you’ll start seeing real savings only when you learn how to stack coupons. Not sure what that means? Worry not - here’s a quick guide to stack coupons.

What does coupon stacking mean?

Coupon stacking essentially means using more than one coupon code per order. While not all retailers allow coupon stacking at all times, many do, and you can take advantage of this to get better savings. However, before you go shopping, make sure to check the retailer’s coupon policy to know if they have any conditions regarding coupon stacking.

How to stack coupons online

The mechanics of coupon stacking online is pretty simple. When you go to the checkout page, you will be able to see a blank box where you can enter your coupon code. For stackable codes, you will be able to enter each code one at a time. In the end, you should be able to view all the coupon codes that have been applied.

Make sure that you double-check that the coupons have been entered correctly and applied to your online invoice before you make the payment. If one of your codes is for free shipping, check the shipping fee to make sure that the amount is zero.

How to maximize your savings

In addition to coupon stacking, there are other ways you can save money online by combining your coupon codes with other perks. For instance, many retailers offer their own credit cards and rewards programs. Typically when you use a coupon and pay for the total with the retailer’s credit card, you will get additional cash back, discounts, or other perks.