Super Easy Ways To Save Money At Starbucks®

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If you love Starbucks®, costs can add up pretty quickly. To save some money, make sure you’ve signed up for their rewards loyalty program. If you’ve already done that, read on for some golden Starbucks® hacks.

How Starbucks Rewards™ Work

  1. Sign up for an account via the Starbucks® app.
  2. After your account is made, you need to add a Starbucks® gift card to your profile.
  3. You can now earn rewards with every purchase.

Golden Tip: Instead of paying full price for a Starbucks® gift card, purchase a discount gift card to upload to your account.

BYOC: Bring Your Own Cup

You could save 10 cents on each drink order when you bring your own, personal cup. Tumblers, travel mugs, teacups, etc will receive this deal. Do keep in mind that though this seems small, the savings will add up over time.

Purchase Starbucks® Gift Cards And Earn Cash Back Or Receive A Discount

Stop paying full price for your coffee by purchasing a Starbucks® gift card. This is because gift cards help you earn cash back and discounts on your Starbucks® drink.

Ask For Venti Tea

Grande and venti hot teas come with two tea bags at Starbucks®. So make sure you ask for the second bag on the side. By doing this, you'll receive an unopened tea bag and you can save it for another time.

Ask for a larger cup

Quite often people dump the top of their coffee in the garbage to make room for milk. Instead of throwing your coffee away, you could ask for a tall coffee in a grande cup.

Lay off the ice

Nearly 3/4 of your Starbucks® drink is filled with ice. You can make room for more of your drink if you ask your barista to go light on the ice.

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