Shopping Hacks For Every Kroger® Shopper

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If you love shopping at Kroger’s®, it’s probably because there are so many ways to save at Kroger®. Here are some extra Kroger® shopping hacks for your next shopping trip.

Access the best savings by signing up for your Kroger’s® store loyalty card

First, you’ll need to create an account with your local Kroger® store. You can do this on the app, online, or in-store. Once you have a Kroger® account, you can then load digital manufacturer coupons from your store’s site into your account. Do keep in mind that digital manufacturer coupons cannot be combined with paper coupons for the same product. When you enter your number or swipe your card at Kroger®, all of your manufacturer coupons will be automatically applied to your total.

Download the Kroger® app to keep track of your rewards on the go

Most big Kroger® stores ie. Fred Meyer, Kroger®, Fry’s®, Ralphs, King Soopers®, etc. can be accessed via their own store app. You can manage rewards, fuel points, create shopping lists, see weekly ads, load coupons to your loyalty card, order groceries for pickup, and even manage prescriptions all from the app.

Use your digital load-to-card Kroger® coupons on grocery delivery and pickup orders

Kroger®, Fred Meyer, Smiths, and Ralphs grocery delivery gives you the option to add digital coupons to your final order in the stores’ app. Kroger's® digital coupons will automatically be applied to your delivery order. As a rule of thumb, if you’re able to stack coupons together in the store, you can stack them for your grocery delivery order too. Do ensure that you take a look at Kroger’s® digital coupon policy and check the grocery delivery cheat sheet to see what other stores allow.

Check for Kroger® free Friday item coupons in the app.

Normally, Kroger® offers a digital Free Friday coupon. With Kroger’s® Free Friday Download coupons, you may get reductions on bread, yogurt, candy, pet food, and more.

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