How To Get Free Or Cheap Movie Tickets

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Going to the movies with your friends and family has been a long-standing activity loved by everyone. A movie that you’ve been wanting to see for a long time, a hot tub of buttery popcorn, it’s all such a thrill!

But the rising prices of tickets and movie theater treats have put a damper on the whole experience. While there is a cheaper option of just watching a movie in your living room, it doesn’t quite match up to the real deal.

As movie lovers, we feel for you and your need to want to save a few bucks on the movie-going experience. We’ve combined a list of our favorite tricks to save money on movie tickets and food, making your favorite activity fun again!

1. One Word, Matinee

Did you know that going for a matinee show during the day is comparatively cheaper than a regular show?

Plus, there’s something super fun about going to the movies during the afternoon and then heading to dinner where you can discuss the movie at length and share your favorite moments! Just makes the whole experience even more fun.

2. Book Tickets Online

Booking your tickets online has many advantages. You don’t have to arrive early to stand in line, you can always book early and get tickets, plus you can enjoy some very lucrative and exciting discounts and offers of tickets.

3. Go for Discount Theatres Or Drive-In's

Almost every city has theaters that screen slightly dated movies at $1 or $2! And drive-ins are also great for a fun discounted movie adventure. You can pack a picnic, get into cars with your friends and head out for a fun evening at the drive-in! (Don’t forget to carry bug spray!)

4. Movie Snack Hacks: Eat Before You Go and Share with Friends

While a movie-going experience seems incomplete without a large tub of popcorn and soda, in reality, it turns out to be an expensive affair. The best way to hold out on the will to splurge on popcorn is by eating before you head to the movies. That way, even if you feel like having a few snacks, you’ll go for a smaller pack rather than a large one and save a few bucks.