How To Stack Coupons with Your Grocery Pickup

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Will your grocery store allow you to stack coupons for a grocery pickup order? It depends. This article will let you know what to expect when couponing with your grocery pickup.

Stack digital coupons at your Target® grocery pickup

Paper Coupons for Grocery Pickup: Target® doesn’t accept paper coupons for pick up items.
What to Stack with Grocery Pickup: At Target®, you can stack digital percent-off Target® store coupons and digital dollar-off manufacturer (Target® Circle) coupons with curbside grocery pickup. There are two types of “Circle offers.” The first one is percent-off store coupons, and the second one is dollar-off manufacturer coupons. The biggest difference between the two is the number of times each can be redeemed. Percent-off coupons could be redeemed up to four times per transaction, while dollar-off manufacturer coupons are single-use.
How to Stack with Grocery Pickup: You’ll need to shop through the Target® app.

Stack paper manufacturer with Kroger® coupons during your Kroger® grocery pickup order

Paper Coupons for Grocery Pickup: Kroger® is one of the few stores that allow you to use digital and paper coupons with your grocery pickup. This means you can stack store manufacturer coupons with paper manufacturer coupons, giving you more savings.
What to Stack with Grocery Pickup: You can stack paper or digital or even paper and digital. Kroger’s® regular coupon rules are still the same. Do note that Kroger’s® digital coupons don’t apply to your order when you check out online. Instead, what happens is that the coupon amounts come off your total bill when you pick up your groceries.
How to Stack with Grocery Pickup: You can order your groceries at or via the Kroger® app. When you come to pick your groceries, you can give any paper coupons that you have to the Kroger® employee loading your groceries. After they scan your coupons, they’ll bring you back a revised receipt.

Use digital and paper coupons to save at Fred Meyer

Paper Coupons with Grocery Pickup: Fred Meyer accepts paper coupons.
What to Stack with Grocery Pickup: You can stack paper coupons and digital coupons. Regular Fred Meyer couponing rules apply.
How to Stack with Grocery Pickup: Order via or the Fred Meyer app. When you pick up your groceries, you need to hand over your paper coupons. Your coupons will be applied to your grocery order at the curb and may show in the final total in your bank transaction in a few days.

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