Smart Ways to Save Money at Panera Bread

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Panera Bread is known for its fresh bread that is baked on-site every day. What’s amazing about Panera Bread is that fresh dough is sent to each store a night prior and baked fresh every single day. What’s leftover is donated via their Day-End Dough-Nation program. This means no stale products! If you want to get your hands on fresh bread for less at Panera Bread, we’ve got some easy tips for you.

Find promo codes online

Take time to search for coupon codes online, before you place an order on the Panera site or app. You can easily save a few bucks using deal codes.

Go late

If you plan to shop in-store, go around 8 or 8:30 pm and you might score a free day-old pastry. Although most Paneras donate their leftovers to shelters, you may still find a few muffins that salespeople giveaway to regular customers.

Buy the meal deals

If you buy a bowl of soup, a salad, or a sandwich with a drink, you can get a dessert for a lower price. Though this may not account for major savings, you can combine the meal deal with Panera rewards or gift cards to save more.

Go small

At Panera stores, drinks come with free refills. So, instead of spending more on large cup sizes, buy a small drink and refill as needed. This is the easiest way to save a few bucks.

Take advantage of free add-ons

Beef up your sandwich with free add-ons. Before placing an order, check the Panera app or website to see which veggies can be added to your sandwich for free. This is a great way to have a wholesome meal at no extra cost.

Buy Panera products at the grocery store

Yes! You can find Panera products like coffee, soup, dressing, or mac and cheese in grocery stores. The best part, it’s offered at a cheaper cost. If you need a Panera fix on a budget, head to your nearest grocery store.

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