Here's How You Can Score Free Fragrance Samples!

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The perfume game is quite risky. There are many perfumes to try with only so much money to spend. Nobody wants to splurge on a bottle and suddenly realize they do not like it. Why waste your money if you can get a free sample instead? You can find free perfume samples from magazines, department stores, and the internet. Let’s take a look.

Use magazine samples as product research

Magazines have always been a go-to way for packaged perfume samples. However, these scents are not always accurate if they are merely sprayed on a page. Use magazine samples to figure out what brands you are interested in and go from there.

Ask for free samples

Nordstrom and Sephora are among the many department stores that offer customers free perfume samples. Stores like Sephora allow customers to use sample strips to test out perfumes. If you buy items from each respective store, you may be able to choose three samples of your choice. If this is not directly offered to you, do not hesitate to ask. Even if the store does not have a packaged sample to distribute, they may offer to make you one.

Make your own samples

Some stores might not always have specific perfume samples, but you can always bring items to make your own samples. Empty perfume vials or cotton balls are effective ways to capture a scent you like before purchasing it.

Contact companies you’re interested in buying from

If you know which brand you want to buy from, a direct approach to getting a free sample is by contacting the company. A quick trip to the company website can help you find out their contact information. It is best to call the company and ask instead of sending an email and waiting for a response.

Find trustworthy websites with free offers

A Google search is a very easy way to find free samples. The main issue with this is that many websites are scams. But, you will come across reliable websites with some research. You may need to sign up with your email, after which these websites will offer you instant coupons and discounts on your next purchase. This can help you receive free samples of your choice easily.

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