Not-So-Obvious Ways to Save Money at Costco®

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If you’re a Costco® lover, you would probably shop at the store even if the membership fee required you to give away your firstborn child. We get you, but to make you feel better at Costco®, we’re going to show you a few less obvious ways to save.

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Use Paribus to help you get money back when prices drop at Costco®

Costco® has a 30-day price protection policy. This means that if an item’s price drops within 30 days after you buy it, you can get the difference back. Unfortunately, it’s a real pain to babysit prices on items you already bought. That’s where Paraibus does the dirty work for you. Paribus monitors all of your online purchases and helps you get money back when there’s a drop in price. The best part about Paribus is that it’s free, which makes it a total no-brainer.

Look up “Warehouse Savings” before you visit Costco®

Here’s a tip- Be sure to look at everything that’s on sale before you go to your local Costco®. This is because Costco® offers extra savings on certain items. Every month or so, Costco’s® items rotate and new things show up on sale.

Take pictures of your receipts with Ibotta®

Download Ibotta® and look out for offers available at Costco®. After your Costco® shopping trip, tap the Ibotta® offer you want to redeem, take a picture of your Costco® receipt and upload it. You’ll see money in your Ibotta® account within 24 hours.

Book your Disney vacation for cheap through Costco® Travel

Booking your Disney vacay with Costco® is a lot cheaper. Plus, you’ll get additional perks with Costco® travel as well.

Non-members can shop Costco® online

If you don’t want to apply for Costco’s® membership, you can still shop at the store, but you’ll need to pay a 5% surcharge on everything except prescriptions.

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