On-the-Go Organizing Tips Every Couponer Should Use

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads On-the-Go Organizing Tips Every Couponer Should Use

Extreme couponers know the importance of staying organized to maximize their savings. Whether you’re new to couponing or an expert, read on as we reveal secret organizing tips you can use to save your precious time.

Create a separate email account

Keep a dedicated email account just for coupons and promotions. This way you can avoid cluttering your personal email inbox and find coupons faster when you need them.

Screenshot digital coupons

There’s nothing worse than losing your internet connectivity and not being able to access your digital coupons at checkout. If you don’t want to hold up the line, take a screenshot of your digital coupons before you head to the store.

Download store apps and coupons ahead of time

If your store has an app, then chances are that you can upload manufacturer coupons directly on the app. This will save you from the hassle of carrying paper coupons with you to the store. However, keep in mind that some stores do not allow you to stack digital manufacturer coupons with printable ones. So, ensure you carry the ones that offer maximum savings.

Use keyrings to keep all your rewards cards together

While most rewards cards can be linked to your phone or email, others that don’t provide this option can be hooked on your keyring to keep them all in one place.

Use a mini accordion file

Carry the coupons you intend to use on your shopping trip in a mini accordion file that fits easily in your purse. This way you can quickly find the coupons you need.

Use a dollar store photo album to create a travel coupon binder

This is a perfect alternative to traditional coupon binders that are large in size. You can organize your coupons by using sticky tabs to create dedicated sections.

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