Looking To Spend Less On Holiday Decorations?

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Looking To Spend Less On Holiday Decorations?

Christmas decorations have the potential to offset your holiday budget. Once you get the bills, it can take away all the fun and cheer of the holiday. If you want to get your place looking festive without draining your bank, follow these simple tips:

1. Visit garage sales

Garage sales during the Christmas season will have items priced at a high cost. This is because you’re not likely to find too many garage sales in winter. Instead, look for holiday finds in the summertime. During the summer, people are looking to get rid of their old items to make space for new stuff. While you may not find items in the best condition, it is still worth a try.

2. Check craft supply stores

Most craft stores like Michael's® and JoAnn's stock holiday supplies months in advance. They cater to crafters that start their projects early to produce inventory or create DIY gifts. Along with Christmas stickers, ribbons, etc., you can also find Christmas decorations at these stores. Christmas decorations at craft supply stores go on sale around November and December. This is because the stock is old news for them and they need to make room for next holiday supplies. If you wait until the final days of Christmas, you could get decorations at clearance prices.

3. Visit thrift stores

You can visit any thrift store to find cheap holiday decorations of different styles and sizes. The best time to look for Christmas décor is after Christmas when most people are looking to donate their decorations instead of reusing them for next year. In November and December stores have bigger displays of holiday items, but the cost may not be very low.

4. Plan ahead

You can find a wide range of Christmas decorations on sites like eBay. From ornaments to miniature trees, snow globes to mistletoe, and more. But try to look for these items in the summertime. Since no one is shopping for these items in summer, you could score a good deal. If you miss out on summer deals, check back in October. This is because most people are busy looking for Halloween deals and not Christmas decorations at that time. If you want to plan well in advance, check back in January or February to find items you can store until next Christmas. When you shop online, don’t forget to consider the shipping cost.

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