Top 4 Ways You Could Get Freebies At Your Nearest Walmart®

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Top 4 Ways You Could Get Freebies At Your Nearest Walmart®

Do you enjoy shopping at Walmart®? The retailer offers extremely competitive prices on everything from electronics to clothing and more. But, did you know you could also score some awesome freebies at Walmart®? We tell you how!

1. Request samples when shopping in-store: It’s not uncommon to find food samples when you walk past the grocery aisle of the store. While these samples may not be available throughout the week, you’ll likely be able to find it during weekends and during lunch-time and dinner-time on weekdays, so make sure to visit your local Walmart® store during these hours.

2. Attend events: A number of Walmart® stores also host events in-store during the holiday season. During these events, the retailer usually generously gives out free samples and other freebies. A good way to be notified of these events is by calling your local Walmart® store and finding out.

3. Sign up for emails from Walmart®: If you are yet to sign up for the store’s emails, make sure to do it immediately. All you need to do is visit the Walmart® website and submit your email address to start receiving these newsletters. You may find that many of these emails contain exclusive coupons and discounts that you can use when shopping in-store or on the website.

4. Follow the store’s social media accounts: This doesn’t just apply to Walmart®. You can do this with all the stores you frequent. Make sure to follow the brand on social media to get notified of deals, coupons, promotions, and freebies. Retailers will usually list out their promotions first on social media, so keep an eye out for posts regarding this.

Another thing you can do is follow freebie and couponing websites where you can find freebies offered by Walmart®. You can also save money on your Walmart® purchases by making use of free shipping, using the retailer’s site-to-store service, bundling items, and looking out discounted items that you can apply coupons to.

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