Quiz: What should you buy this Black Friday?

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Quiz: What should you buy this Black Friday?


1. At which of these places would you feel most comfortable?

a) Hair salon

b) Gaming room

c) The couch

2. What’s your idea of fun?

a) A glam makeover

b) Binge-watching a show

c) DIY Home Improvement Projects

3. Which of your possessions are you most proud of?

a) Makeup/ Grooming products

b) Home entertainment gadgets

b) Home & Kitchenware

4. Which of these are you most interested in?

a) Looking & feeling my best

b) Staying up to date with technology

c) A well organized, attractive & clutter-free home

5. What does your internet search history look like?

a) Beauty tutorials & tips

b) Unboxing videos & tech reviews

c) Home décor ideas & interior design trends


Mostly A’s: Beauty & personal care products

You’re someone who wants to look good and can’t wait for Black Friday to snag the best discounts on haircare, skincare, and makeup.

Mostly B’s: Electronics & home appliances

You’re a gadget geek and Black Friday is YOUR time of year to score the sweetest deals on the newest, coolest consumer electronics.

Mostly C’s: Home furnishings & decor

You’re someone who loves investing in your home’s interiors. Black Friday sales are the perfect time to splurge on those expensive pieces you’ve been eyeing.