Here’s How You Can Get Freebies

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Want to score a couple of free samples? Well, you’re in luck because there are a number of companies that are looking for people to test out their products and provide honest feedback. All you need to do to receive these freebies is provide your opinion. Here are a few ways you can get brands to send you their products.

1. Become a professional product tester: Many companies have programs where they give out products for free to a few people in exchange for a review. What’s more, most brands allow you to keep the products they send you once your review is done!

2. Sign up for freebies: The next time you are shopping at a department or beauty store, make sure to ask the store manager if you can sign up for free samples. The samples you receive, in this case, will likely be travel-sized, but free is free!

3. Join a site that connects brands with product testers: The website will act as the middleman, but you will likely be exposed to multiple product testing opportunities.

4. Review items on Amazon: If you consistently provide helpful and detailed reviews for items you purchase on Amazon, which other customers rate well, you may be invited to join Amazon Vine. This is essentially a program that lets sellers send you free products in exchange for a review or feedback.

5. Reach out to different brands: Another great way to get some samples is by directly reaching out to brands. Start off by creating a list of all the companies whose products you frequently use. Then, find the contact details of the brand’s PR person and write to them. When writing a message to the brand, ensure that it does not sound generic. Remember that the brand likely receives numerous requests for freebies. So, start your message by mentioning what you enjoy about the brand and ask for a sample right at the end.

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