Couponing Tips - Lazy Girl Edition

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Not ready to start couponing because you’re too lazy? You can still get the most savings with our lazy girl’s guide to couponing. Let’s jump right in!

Only use printable digital coupons

If you don’t have the time or if you don't want to spend time clipping coupons, that’s fine! Using digital coupons is still better than not using coupons at all.

Don't focus on clipping inserts from the Sunday paper

If you don’t have a lot of time, avoid clipping every single coupon that you see in the newspaper each week. Because when it comes to couponing for the lazy girl, it’s best to go ahead and skip newspaper inserts like RetailMeNot Everyday, Procter & Gamble, and Smart Source altogether.

Find the hottest deals that’ll save you money online

There are plenty of resources when it comes to finding the hottest deals and coupons organized by store. In fact, certain sites scour newspapers and other websites for the best deals to save you the most money. This is the best thing for lazy couponers since you don’t have to do the work and look for the best deals out there.

Look for coupons for things you need and frequently use

Don’t waste your time printing every single coupon you come across. Instead, train yourself to filter through coupons and look for items you know you use and need. Always skip a good deal if there’s a chance you won’t use the items.

Focus on couponing at one or two stores at a time

If you're lazy, you probably don’t want to spend your valuable time going to multiple stores a week. So, pick your favorite stores, and shop with coupons at those stores until you feel like you want to do more.

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