The Best Things to Shop for During Black Friday

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With the pandemic not really slowing down, it may seem tempting to just wear your mask and gloves and head to the nearest mall to pick up some new winter wear, educational devices, and electronics. But, waiting till when stores go live with their Black Friday sales can help you save a lot of money on these products. While many retailers have now started to offer products both in-store and online, keep in mind that certain deals will only be offered in-store.

Here’s what you should look to purchase during the Black Friday sale this year.

Laptops: Although a majority of people have started using their tablets and smartphones for online activities, laptops continue to remain the preferred device for both work and school. Every year, manufacturers come out with new models that have better speed, battery life, and storage capacity. So, if you are looking to buy a laptop, you could pick one up during the Black Friday sale. Just ensure you do a price comparison beforehand.

Televisions: Black Friday sales typically offer excellent discounts for TVs. With people spending more time indoors now, this may be a good time to upgrade your television.

Gaming consoles: One of the most popular doorbusters among major retailers is video game consoles (especially the ones that are bundled with accessories or popular games). Even if you don’t get the latest game console, you could still get a pretty neat discount on a slightly older model.

Apple® products: Apple® almost never offers discounts on its products - the one exception to this is the Back Friday sale. This is the one day when Apple® offers discounts on its iPhones and iPads, sometimes up to a total of $150 with a gift card. If you are looking to buy an Apple® product, make sure to check out Target® and Walmart®, as well as Apple® stores.

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