How to Get the LATEST Deals at Converse®

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You could save up to 70% at Converse® stores and online when you know where to look and when. Don’t pay full price for your next pair of Converse® shoes. Here are some tips for finding deals on Converse® shoes

Jack Purcells and Chuck Taylors are both Converse® shoes

Before diving in, let’s distinguish between the two bestselling, classic, unisex styles of Converse®. Chuck Taylors are known as the classic “All-Star” shoes in both high and low tops. You’ll see “All-Star” written on the back or tongue of the classic low top shoes. For high tops, you may see the text written on the round label on the side with a dark, bold outline around the entire shoe. Jack Purcell was a popular Canadian badminton player. Jack Purcells are low-top shoes with a much thicker rubber toe wrap and monochromatic laces.

Find Converse® at 60% off during back-to-school sales

Kohl’s® marks down their Converse® inventory every August just in time for back-to-school shopping. The good news is that Kohl’s isn’t the only store offering back-to-school and clearance deals. In fact, you may find deals on the Converse® website and Nordstrom Rack too.

Get Converse® Black Friday deals

On the Monday before Black Friday, the Converse® website typically offers an additional 25% off on clearance prices. This results in low-top Chuck Taylors being priced at under $19. It’s important to shop as soon as possible since this deal will run till the Sunday after Black Friday and you may not get the best selection.

Buy kids shoes if you wear anything smaller than a women’s size 8.5 or a men’s size 7

Converse® shoes are unisex. The outside of their boxes lists both women’s and men’s sizes. And since Converse® makes classic styles in kid sizes as well, you may get them cheaper than the adult-sized styles.

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