Digital Couponing: Things You Need to Know

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Using digital coupons is one of the easiest ways to save money. They are just like the paper coupons but in an electronic form. If you want to redeem digital coupons in stores, you can save the coupon or coupon code on your phone and display the barcode to the cashier at checkout. The cashier will scan it and you’re done - it’s that simple! If you’re shopping online, you can add the digital coupons to your cart and they get applied automatically to your order. Here are some other things you need to keep in mind about digital coupons:

Check the store’s app or website

Start your search for digital coupons by visiting the store’s app and website. Most apps and websites of stores offer digital coupons called store coupons. Some of the coupons offered are manufacturer coupons - these are issued by the brand’s manufacturer. Download the store’s app and tap the coupons to apply it to your order. Stores that do not offer pick-up or delivery service will require you to show the cashier the coupon, but others who provide curbside services apply digital coupons directly to your order.

Use online digital coupons for retail purchases

The apps and websites of stores are not the only places to find digital coupons. Many retail stores also offer digital coupons and promo codes that you can use to shop online. While some retail stores allow you to stack one or two coupons per purchase, there are stores like Kohl’s® that allow you to stack up to 10 coupons in one purchase.

Stack digital coupons

Coupon stacking refers to using more than one discount offer on an item to save more money. Once you master the art of stacking coupons, you’ll also figure out how to stack digital coupons. However, certain coupon rules apply. So, you may be able to stack manufacturer coupons with digital coupons if the store policy permits you to do so. What you likely won’t be able to do is stack two similar coupons together or use multiple digital coupons for one transaction.

Get freebies with weekly digital coupons

Stores like Fred Meyer, Fry’s, King Soopers, etc., offer a free-item coupon once a month on Fridays. Such coupons if added to your loyalty card on the day it is offered can be redeemed within two weeks.

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