Shopping at Lowe’s®? Check Out These Cool Shopping HACKS!

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Shopping at Lowe’s®? Check Out These Cool Shopping HACKS!

If you love working on home improvement projects, it’s safe to assume you enjoy shopping at Lowe’s®!

DIY projects are a great way to stay productive, but you need to have the right tools, which can, unfortunately, get a little expensive. That doesn’t mean you should spend a ton of money on your Lowe’s® shopping trip! Here are some tips to get the best deals at Lowe’s®.

1. Pay less with price matching: The best part about shopping at Lowe’s® is that they price match if you provide proof of an identical item having a lower price tag. Stores that Lowe’s® matches with include Ace Hardware®, Home Depot®, Walmart®, Amazon®, Best Buy®, and Target®. The retailer will even price match if you find a better deal at Installation quote and clearance items, however, are not price matched.

2. Opt for Lowes® tool rental: Need some tools for a DIY project for a few days? Opt for Lowes® tool rental. You can rent tools for concrete work, lawn care, welding, as well as trenchers and trailers. Given how inexpensive renting tools is in comparison to buying, you can save a lot of money by opting for Lowes® tool rental.

3. Get your lumber chopped at Lowe’s®: If you purchase wood at Lowe’s®, they’ll cut it for you for free! The retailer even offers free cutting on blinds, carpeting, shelving, pipes, chains, and electrical wiring.

4. Return dead plants: Bought a plant from Lowe’s® only to find out you don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry - you can get store credit if you return the plant with proof of purchase within one year. So, don’t lose those receipts.

5. Use Lowe’s® military discount: Lowe’s® offers a discount of 10% for retired veterans and active-duty personnel - every day, with zero exceptions. But, you can’t stack this with other discounts, so get the best deal or buy your items in separate transactions.

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