Like Shopping at T.J. Maxx®? Here's How You Can Get Crazy Discounts

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Like Shopping at T.J. Maxx®? Here's How You Can Get Crazy Discounts

Enjoy shopping at T.J. Maxx®? You’re not alone! T.J. Maxx® shoppers love the store for its good-quality merchandise that is offered at significant discounts. If you’re planning to make a trip to the nearest T.J. Maxx®, we’ve got some tips for you.

1. Shop on Monday morning when the store opens: Don’t make a purchase at T.J. Maxx® over the weekend. Markdowns and deals come to the store from Monday through Friday, and new merchandise is shipped during weekdays. So, if you visit the retailer’s store during the weekend, you’ll find that all the good deals and best items have gone.

2. Shop during clearance events: T.J. Maxx® doesn’t usually do sales and promotions, but they host clearance events twice a year - on Christmas and the Fourth of July. Plan your shopping trips on these two days to snag the best deals.

3. Buy yellow-tagged items: If you find something you like and the product has a yellow tag on it, snatch it as quickly as you can. The yellow tag indicates that the price is as low as it ever will be - so there’s no point waiting around for the price of the item to go even lower.

4. Check out clearance items on the website: If you like shopping online, make sure to check out the T.J. Maxx® website, and click on “clearance.” On the website, you can sort by price and pick the products that are priced the lowest. Make sure to also sign up for the retailer’s email list to get details of all the new deals and shipping coupon codes.

5. Ask for discounts if the item is damaged: If something catches your eye but you notice a minor tear or scratch, make sure to ask for a discount (provided you don’t mind having an item that is slightly damaged). Make sure that the item hasn’t already been marked down though.

You could also sign up for the retailer’s rewards card, the TJX Rewards® Credit Card, which might give you an additional discount of 10% on your first purchase. Members also earn rewards certificates, which amounts to a certain percentage of cash back on purchases they make.

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