Love shopping at ALDI? Here's how to SAVE!

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Love shopping at ALDI? Here's how to SAVE!

ALDI is famous for its low-priced groceries. Most shoppers already know that the store offers inexpensive produce, snacks, wine, etc., compared to other mainstream grocery stores. So, you’ll save some extra money by shopping at ALDI. But if you want to save even more, here’s what you can do:

1. Check the ALDI circulars

ALDI provides two different circulars. One is the weekly sales circular and the other is the ALDI Finds. The sales are featured in the weekly ad launch on Sunday and run throughout the week. In this circular, you may find things like discounted bags of spinach, majorly marked down meat, etc. The other circular, which is the ALDI Insider (also known as ALDI Finds), features new, limited-time offers. These could include different types of cheeses, take-and-bake pizzas with fun toppings, and Dutch ovens – all available at super-low prices. You can find these circulars generally at the entrance or exit of your local ALDI as well as online.

2. Pay attention to those ALDI Finds

Even if you don’t check the circulars, ensure you walk down the ALDI Finds aisle. Chances are you might find something that you need at a seriously low price. Some weeks, you’ll find grilling tools, desk chairs, and Dutch ovens, while other times, you may find slow cookers, chainsaws, or special candles. Avoid making a purchase just because the deal is good. Buy only what you need if you want to stick to your savings goals.

3. Check for clearance items

Local ALDI stores usually have some unadvertised deals that you can take advantage of. Visit the store and look for seasonal things like travel cups, lunch bags, patio lights, etc., with clearance stickers on them. You may also find clearance items in the bargain bins near the registers.

4. Download rebate apps

Although ALDI doesn’t accept manufacturer coupons, you can still save on certain items. Rebate apps help you get cashback on your purchases. All you have to do is download any of these apps and upload a picture of your shopping receipt. You can get real cashback on certain eligible items. Also, you can save by paying your grocery bills using a cashback credit card.

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