Top Tricks That Will Save You Money at the Apple® Store

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An Apple® Store isn't a place where you find discounts, deals, or clearance, very often. At present, you actually may not see sales of any kind at all. That said, there are still a number of ways to score a great deal when shopping at Apple®. Read on to browse top tips to find the best deals on the Apple® website and at Apple® stores

Trade-in an old device

Trading in one of your old devices is one of the most reliable ways to get a good price point on an Apple® product. You can swap your device online or in-store and get credit on an Apple® store gift card, which you can then use for a new purchase. By trading in, you will not only get a significant discount on your new Apple® products, but you’ll also help the planet by minimizing electronic waste.

Consider certified refurbished products

If you don’t mind buying a device that’s a year or so older, then check out Apple®’s certified refurbished products. Here you can find devices up to 15 percent off their retail price, depending on the model and specification. Although they are only available online, it would be impossible for most people to tell the difference between a certified refurbished item and a new one. They are all carefully tested, cleaned, and fitted, if necessary, with brand new Apple® replacement parts. They come with the usual one-year warranty from Apple®, too.

Look for government, military, and veteran discounts

If you're currently serving in the military, are a veteran, or have a family member in the military, you may be eligible for a military discount from Apple®. You will get a discount of up to 10% in-store or online as long as you have your Military ID.

Similarly, government staff is also entitled to a discount on new equipment from Apple®. Based on whether you're purchasing gadgets for yourself or your agency, the exact discounts you'll find will vary. Just make sure to carry your government ID.

Sign up for an Apple® Card

For many of Apple®'s products, the Apple® Card is probably the best way to get a decent discount. While it’s not an actual discount, what you’ll get is 3% daily cash on your Apple® purchases. Whether you buy a product from an Apple® store or online from the store’s website, you will receive your daily cash on the same day. Visit the Wallet™ app on your iPhone to sign up for an Apple® Card.

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