Tips to help you get free jeans at American Eagle® & more!

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Tips to help you get free jeans at American Eagle® & more!

If you love shopping at American Eagle®, you could easily save on jeans, T-shirts, and more. Want to know how? Read on for all the answers.

You could get a bra or pair of jeans free at American Eagle®

If you’re shopping for new jeans, keep in mind that you could get an extra pair for free. The same goes for bras. The catch is that the jeans need to be regular-price purchases.

Join Real Rewards™ to get awesome deals & access to promotions

By joining Real Rewards™, you could get access to some easy perks. There are three levels to choose from. The first level is free while the next two need to be purchased. You could get 20% off your first purchase and 10% off future American Eagle® purchases when you use a Real Rewards™ credit card. Other benefits include a $5 reward, 2x points on jeans, members-only sales & events, Aerie® Days, free shipping & returns, HBD coupons & more!

Get a discount off American Eagle® in your birthday month

You may get a special discount coupon on your birthday as a Real Rewards™ member. Do keep in mind that you can’t stack this special coupon with other offers though.

Price match ups at American Eagle® within 14 days

An awesome way to save money on something after you’ve made the purchase is called a price adjustment. If your purchased item gets a price drop within the first two weeks, all you need to do is bring your receipt into the store and ask for a price adjustment.

Shop at American Eagle® during their clearance sales

You may get up big discounts by shopping during clearance sales. This typically takes place towards the end of each season and is a great time to get T-shirts and jeans for less.

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