Smart Hacks to Spend Less at Bath & Body Works

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Want to get even more out of Bath & Body Works sale prices? Here are a few strategies that could get you amazing discounts on shower gels, candles, hand soaps, and more. Read on to know how you can score these discounts!

1. Use expired Bath & Body Works coupons

Yes! You can use expired coupons at Bath & Body Works. Many Bath & Body Works coupons come with a three-day grace period. This means you can use them three days after the expiration date. Certain coupons you receive in the mail that are not valid until a certain date can be used three days before the “start date” too. However, this is up to the store manager’s discretion (as you will not find this in Bath & Body Works’ coupon policy ).

2. Use Bath & Body Works coupons on sale items

The key to snagging incredible discounts is to use coupons during a Bath & Body Works sale. You can sign up for Bath & Body Works emails to get new coupons every month. The most common coupons you will see are the percent off and dollar discount coupons like “20% off your purchase,” “$10 off a $40 purchase”, etc.

3. Check out coupons that offer free gifts

When you get on the snail mail list, you could get coupons for a free item. The free item is usually up to $14 in value and you can claim them with no strings attached. This means you don’t need to buy anything. However, ensure you read the coupon policy carefully. Sometimes, free gift coupons may require a $10 purchase.

4. Exchange new or used items

Not happy with the perfume you bought? You can exchange it for a different item, as long as there’s half of the product left in the container. You don’t need a receipt to exchange it, according to Bath & Body Works’ Return Policy. If you’re trying to exchange a scent that is out of stock, you’ll receive the marked down price of the item as a store credit (for example, 50% off the regular price).

5. Shop during the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

The Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale is held in January and June. During the sale, you can save a lot of money if there are clearance items and you have coupons. As Bath & Body Works doesn’t run traditional season clearance markdowns, you will find seasonal items in their Semi-Annual Sale.

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