How to shop smarter at Costco ® during the pandemic

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Ever since March, Costco® has changed their store policies in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. So if you’re looking to make shopping at Costco® easier during the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some awesome ways to save and shop smart.

If you’re a healthcare worker or first responder, head to the front of the line

At Costco® , healthcare workers and first responders get priority access during all open hours. So, if there’s a line outside the warehouse, show your employment ID to move to the front of the line.

Costco® restock timings

Costco® restocks all of their products very early. In fact, the store aims to restock shelves starting at 4:00 a.m. daily. Do keep in mind that this policy doesn’t always include products that are very high in demand. Though Costco® has ramped up their shipments, they can’t guarantee items like hand sanitizer and toilet paper will be in stock. So, do call your local Costco® ahead of time to check if they have inventory and plan to get to the store early morning.

Asterisks on a Costco® price tag means that the item won’t be restocked any time soon

If you love a Costco® product and it has an asterisk on it, this means that it won’t be restocked. So if the deal is good, make sure to buy enough to last.

Learn to freeze perishables properly so that you can buy in bulk

You know that cheap and delicious rotisserie chicken that Costco® sells? Buy one and freeze some for later if you can’t finish it all. By doing so you can store a lot of food and keep it fresh. This works for cheese, eggs, and bread too.

Shop at Costco® without a membership by using a Costco® Shop Card

If someone with a Costco® membership buys you a Costco Shop Card in whatever amount you need, you can shop membership-free. You can also ask someone to purchase a Costco® Shop Card with the minimum amount. Then, pay for the first part of your purchase with the Costco® Shop Card, and pay for the rest with your debit card.

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